Online Timer


Online Timer

What is a timer?

A timer is a timer program that runs on a web page, by using a timer to remind yourself to do something, you just need to set the timer time, a countdown will be displayed on the screen, and when the countdown is over, the timer will go off.

How do I set up a timer?

It is very simple and only requires steps to complete the setup.

1. First enter the hours, minutes or seconds.

2. Click the Start button to begin the countdown. The countdown will appear on the screen.

3. Click the Pause button to pause the countdown.

4. When the countdown ends, click the Close Reminder button to stop the ringtone.

5. Click the Reset button and enter the hours, minutes and seconds again to create a new timer.

How do I adjust the volume of my alarm clock?

You can adjust the volume of this alarm clock by turning up the volume of your computer or cell phone.

Will the alarm clock work when my computer is asleep or turned off?

No, the alarm will not work if the computer is asleep or turned off.

Does the computer have a timer function?

Yes, if the timer function on this website can not meet your needs, you can use the timer that comes with windows.

How to open windows comes with timer?

In the bottom left corner of the taskbar, search: clock, open it, then select the timer tab to open the timer.